Why Choose MagicXCat?

There are literally thousands of spellcasters and fortune tellers out there. So why should you consider working with me? To start with, I have Romani (Gypsy) ancestry, and a long line of relatives who've done spell casting and fortune telling their entire lives. My mother's family are all Romani, many of whom have worked reading … Continue reading Why Choose MagicXCat?

Freeze Them Out – An Easy Binding Spell

This spell works to bind mean and unpleasant people, and to stop actions like lying, bullying, harassment, discrimination and picking fights. I don't suggest this one to bind a witch or spellcaster, because it won't stop magic. It's intended to stop more mundane activity. Use it on a nasty ex, the school bully, or a … Continue reading Freeze Them Out – An Easy Binding Spell

The Ancient Honey Jar – Love & Friendship Spell

For those of you looking for a simple love spell you can do by yourself, this is the one I recommend. It's very simple and elegant, and you'll be able to accomplish it so long as you really want a particular person to like you. You'll need: One small jar that can be sealed Honey … Continue reading The Ancient Honey Jar – Love & Friendship Spell

Now Selling My Sweet Love Spell

If you're looking for a blissfully happy, close, devoted  romance, look no further than my Sweet Love Spell! I'd be happy to cast for you no matter what state your relationship is in. Read more at: https://www.fiverr.com/magicxcat/cast-a-sweet-lovers-spell-romance-relationships

Order My Gypsy Ribbon Reading, or do it for yourself!

The most traditional way I know of divination is through ribbon reading! It's also one of my favourite ways of fortune telling. This is something my grandmother taught me. On a few consecutive summer nights, we'd go outside and dance among the fireflies, or climb up onto the hay bales to listen to the wolves in … Continue reading Order My Gypsy Ribbon Reading, or do it for yourself!

Gods and Goddesses – Do You Believe?

I'm curious to learn what others think about the various gods and goddesses of witchcraft. Depending on your tradition, you might call upon Diana, summon a dark entity or trace your roots back to the Kemetic deities of ancient Egypt. In the Romani culture, we don't recognise these beings or spirits, but that doesn't mean … Continue reading Gods and Goddesses – Do You Believe?